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Whether it’s your first baby or fifth, families are choosing Expecting Joy to make their birth experience personal, comfortable, joyful. Meet a few of our families, hear their stories, and imagine what your experience can be like.

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Simply put, Kira was the right choice for us. She gave us a beautiful birth experience for our first baby, and her deep knowledge and experience normalized the sometimes scary and intimidating labor process. Her communication felt effortless and her depth of knowledge, empathy, and tactful advocacy at just the right time was more than we could have asked for. Kira is an amazing person who has found her calling, and her joy, optimism, and passion for providing support through the birth experience and welcoming human beings into this world is apparent. She even provided excellent postpartum support, advice, and help a week after the birth of our baby. Without hesitation, we would ask Kira to be our doula if we have baby number two."
We had a lovely birth experience with Ryah as our doula.  We interviewed seven doulas to find the perfect match--and Ryah was it!  She came to our house multiple times to educate us and provide insights on what to expect, which was super helpful since we relied entirely on her experience and didn't take any other classes.  With Ryah's help, I was able to fulfill my dream of having a natural hospital birth experience.  I was able to labor in the comfort of my home right up until it was time to leave and push my beautiful daughter into the world.  Ryah was with me every step of the way--she was my cheerleader and my inspiration, making sure I knew that what I was feeling was normal and that I had the strength and willpower to have a perfect birth experience.  She even took amazing photos during my labor, which we'll be able to look back on fondly as our daughter grows up.  I couldn't recommend Ryah enough!" - Marsha Q.
I had a wonderful birthing experience with Leigh. I had plenty of family crisis so my family was not able to be in Seattle to support me so last minute I searched for a Doula and found her. She was the answer to my prayer. Not once did I feel unsupported and I labored for 24 hours. I don't know how she did it but together we were stronger. This was my first child and I really didn't know what to expect or what my labor would be like but I knew I wasn't alone. She went above and beyond and even though I had just met her about two weeks prior she kinda felt like family in that labor room. I have no negative feedback and I would use her again and refer her to other people. She is genuine, kind and super sweet. She listens and is respectful."
Having a postpartum doula helped our family adjust more smoothly when our second baby was born. Lindsey helped my son adjust by giving him attention and involving him in food prep and taking care of the baby. Lindsey helped take care of me so I could take better care of my kids. My priorities of getting a shower every day and getting rest when I needed it was met. Lindsey helped with food prep, organizing, laundry, and light cleaning. Lindsey also accompanied us on our first outings/errands. She had great suggestions and was good at anticipating needs. She had a very calming presence. I missed Lindsey when we decided to stop the services, but she gave me the confidence that I needed to be on my own with my two kids as a stay at home mom" - Krista T.
We cannot speak more highly of our time with Leigh. She joined us around 30 weeks and helped us get our birth goals organized to present to our midwives. She took our vision into consideration and helped create a plan that really exemplified peace, serenity, and clarity. Our baby was stuck in the breech position, but fortunately, Leigh provided numerous resources and helped us practice many techniques from Spinning Babies. Sadly, we were unable to turn the baby; however, Leigh stepped right in and helped us adjust our birth goals to include the new cesarean delivery. She kept our heads up and our hopes high as we went into the operating room, and she stayed with us until our new baby latched for the first time, making sure he had a secure, proper, and healthy start to breastfeeding. We would recommend Leigh to any expecting parents looking for support from an experienced, caring, positive doula.
I knew from my first meeting with Ryah Jo that she was exactly the person that I needed to get me through labor and delivery. I had planned on interviewing a few doulas and then making a decision, but her incredible blend of warmth and professionalism convinced me to call off the search after only speaking with her. I had a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety around childbirth, and she was gentle, affirming, and patient with me. I was so impressed with her depth of knowledge regarding some symptoms I was experiencing during the end of my pregnancy and her ability to expertly help me navigate them. Furthermore, she proved to be an invaluable aid in helping me to negotiate with my healthcare team as they pressured me to do some things I was less than thrilled about: scheduling an induction, augmenting labor with Pitocin, etc.
Being first-time parents, it was comforting to have someone there who had experience & knew what questions to ask and when. Looking back, I know the experience would have been much different without her, and my wife and I would have been less of a team and much more stressed. Having to have a C-Section made things even more tricky, and I was so thankful to have someone to stay with my wife while I went with our daughter to the NICU. Leigh felt like family and never told us what to do. But she did give us valuable information to make the best-informed decision at the moment. I cannot recommend Leigh enough.
Ryah Jo helped me to navigate conversations with finesse so that I could achieve an outcome that was acceptable to me. Ryah Jo's assistance when I was in labor was invaluable. Without her, I believe that the process could have been traumatizing. If it had just been my husband and me, it would have been the blind leading the blind. The full depth of her knowledge and ability during active labor became apparent to me. The way she coached me through various position changes and exercises through contractions made the process progress as smoothly as it possibly could. When we got to the hospital, she made my husband, and I feel supported and encouraged the whole way through. Whether it was chatting with my husband or getting me snacks to sustain myself, she made the whole atmosphere in the delivery room, dare I say it, feels fun. It was as much of a party as childbirth could be. I was really scared of pushing, and when I got to that part, her coaching was stellar. Because of her, I was able to push a 9-pound baby out in under an hour! I cannot imagine having gone through that experience without her. If there is ever a second child (doubtful, HA!), I will make certain that Ryah Jo is by my side. Much thanks to her....we are indebted!
My experience with Expecting Joy was exactly what I had been hoping for -- affordable emotional support for my first birth center birth. I am so grateful for Leigh getting me through transition and reminding me that I could do it!"
Our postpartum doula, April, was amazing! She helped us with all of our questions and concerns; made us feel comfortable and relaxed with the idea of someone else watching over our little one; she was amazing in 1:1 talks and helped us understand better what it means to be new parents and how to be successful while adjusting to the big life changes. The most beneficial thing our doula taught us was to relax. We would bombard her with questions and she would step up and answer all of them while assuring us that we were, in fact, doing a good jobas new parents and that not everything warranted a red alarm."
Working with Leigh was incredible. So thankful we ended up working with her! She knew just how to help us through each contraction. We were so thankful to have her by our side the entire labor. She gave us the best coaching and was so encouraging the entire process. We were able to have a natural and non medicated labor because of her help. We will definitely have her at all our future births!"
Kira was my doula and she was absolutely fabulous! I highly, highly recommend her. This was my second baby and I was trying for a TOLAC/VBAC. Kira is knowledgeable and confident and provided comfort and reassurance before and during labor. She had a variety of techniques during labor that was very helpful (and has strong hands that provided great massage!) and provided detailed instructions to me on how to push. She has such a gentle calming presence and I am so appreciative she was my doula. Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of anyone's control, I had some medical complications and Kira was so great in supporting my husband and holding my baby during this time. She works well with medical professionals and taught my L and D nurses some of her techniques. I am really happy that I chose to work with Kira during my birth, and I highly recommend her."
We found Leigh through Expecting Joy Doulas, and we could not be happier with our experience. We went into our third trimester, not knowing fully about what services doulas provided and whether it was something that was right for us. Leigh was patient, calming, and very knowledgeable that by the end of our first meeting, we were convinced that we needed a doula and that we wanted to work with her. During the labor process, she was available at all hours of the day and coached us through early labor and help us navigate when we should go to the hospital. I believe that my birth experience was an overall good experience because she was by our side and helped us through the really tough times of labor. We are so thankful that we found Leigh and that she was a part of our birthing experience.
Vanessa went above and beyond for my delivery. She brought so much comfort and help during my labor. My husband already said he would fly Vanessa to be with us from anywhere in the world for our next child. She made the entire experience wonderful. I absolutely loved having her there!
My experience with Kira made me convinced that no woman should go without a doula no matter how great their partner is. She was not only an asset but to me seemed like a necessity. So incredible. She was calm, positive, supportive, knowledgeable and listened to my wants, needs, and questions. She was 100% dedicated to me. After getting to know each other, she was able to help guide me to make decisions throughout labor and delivery that were right for me. I also had Kira for a month for my postpartum doula. She was dedicated to my emotional well-being and that of my baby. She helped me around the house with so many things that are hard to do right after giving birth, giving me time to rest or take care of other needs! Kira was an integral part of what made my birth experience a wonderful one." - Katie W.
Our entire experience with Expecting Joy- from birth education, labor, delivery, and the placenta encapsulation was absolutely amazing. I never want to go through labor and delivery without a doula. Ryah spent about 36 hours with my husband and I both in our home and at the hospital. She stayed until a couple hours after our son was born. I truly believe she is the VERY reason my natural childbirth was so successful and smooth. She pushed me to stay in control of my body and encouraged me exactly when I needed it. She guided my husband in how to assist me. Words can't really describe the gift that she was and is to us! I have beautiful memories of the two days we spent bringing out son into the world and lots of photos (thanks to Ryah). THANK You, thank you, thank you!
Kira has a calm, loving demeanor and is incredibly knowledgeable about the birth process. She truly loves what she does and I couldn't have found a better person for extra support. After the birth, Kira follows up and makes sure the transition with a newborn is going ok--she's willing to help out with whatever might be needed. I can't say enough good things about Kira. She's kind and lighthearted, willing to work hard to keep everyone comfortable and do what needs to be done to give her clients a fabulous birth experience, no matter how the baby comes into the world." - Stacy B.
Having Ryah as our doula allowed me to enjoy my first pregnancy instead of feeling stressed and anxious about the delivery. I knew I could count on her knowledge, experience, and compassion to guide us through the process. Her support was essential as we navigated the many complications that arose during my labor. It was an incredibly positive experience! - Nicole in Ballard