Vanessa Garey

Founder, Midwife, & Doula

Vanessa has served families around the world, and being a doula is easily the most fulfilling ‘work’ she has ever done.


I love getting to look back at my journey and see "how did I get here" moments that remind me of my "why." Trained first in Social Work at the University of Washington, I saw first hand the gaps in people's journeys that were in need of support, advocacy, and care. I continued in school to become an RN at Seattle University, and subsequently had a career at Seattle Childrens' Hospital for over 8 years. I loved the collaborative culture at Childrens' that worked towards closing the gaps in support for families.

While working at Childrens', I started dabbling in birth support as a doula and was drawn to walk alongside and support people through the experience of giving birth. My service to families has continued by serving as a doula in both the US and Europe, which has been the most fulfilling ‘work’ I have ever done. I believe my experiences as a health care provider, my practice and research in midwifery, and my ongoing service as a DONA-certified doula has made for the perfect combination to meet the needs of families and serve them in the most effective way I can.

Shortly after starting Expecting Joy, I knew I needed to shift my career to Midwifery and did so after earning a Masters in Nurse Midwifery from the University of Cincinnati. That part of my story was a little blurry, as I had a miscarriage and two children along the way to graduating. I have been a practicing midwife for 7 years and while continuing to lead Expecting Joy. I have personally experienced the gaps in support for families experiencing loss and infertility, and I now consider it a great honor to join alongside and offer support. I believe my clinical knowledge, social work training, doula experience, and my own personal journey help me to deeply connect with the work of Collective Hope.

I currently live in the Greater Seattle area with our five beautiful children: Quinn (9), Ryland (7), Genevieve (5), and Shepherd (1), and Hosanna and Amalia (our angel babies).

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