Shannon Cassaday

Birth & Postpartum Doula

It would be my pleasure to be added to your birthing team. Being your birth doula and supporting your needs after birth as a postpartum doula would be my honor. My main goal is to make this transition amazing for you and your family.


What a beautiful story it is to birth babies. With my knowledge and compassion, I would love to bring peace and calm into this story of yours. I have always enjoyed hearing birth stories and the uniqueness it brings to each person. I started the birth work journey later in my years. I am here for your heart and your head and I have a lot of experience with that. I have been married for 30 years and have 3 grown children, those were my first experiences with childbirth. I was a stay at home mom and loved the opportunity to do so. I was also present for the births of my first 2 grandchildren as well. This is now the new season of our lives and I have the great honor of helping with childcare for my daughter and son in law. I care for them 2 days a week and it is amazing! I spent many years babysitting and have three younger siblings. The nurturing and mothering side of my heart and mind will come with me in abundance when I support your birth plans whatever they may be. I have experience with hospitals, birth centers and home births as well as water births - some medicated and some not medicated. Postpartum Doula seemed to just follow after doing births and I am excited to help plan your days and evenings to set your family up for success in these early days of parenthood.

What Her Clients say
Shannon has known me since I was 8 years old and it was so special to have her help me bring my first baby into the world. She was diligent in checking in with me pre and post birth. She encouraged me to listen to my body and follow my instincts throughout the birthing process and postpartum. I would recommend her to anyone I know looking for a doula. She is an asset you want in your corner!
Casey T.
Shannon would be a wonderful addition to any birth team. She is intuitive, flexible, and adaptive. She brings a wealth of personal wisdom to a birth space and honors what a birthing mom may need in each specific moment. Shannon has assisted me now in two of my births (one hospital, and one birth center) and I couldn’t imagine doing it without her. She was a steady support for my husband and I in each individual birth setting. She offered words of encouragement, touch and massage, and hydration and snacks when needed. And most importantly she was a wonderful buffer between the staff and us so we could focus on what was most important- bringing our children into the world!
Morgan L.
Shannon was in the delivery room when I had my daughter 26 years ago.  She was a great emotional support from start to finish.  Throughout the many hours of labor, she was always positive, caring and attentive to my needs.
Jaime T.