Jessica Wilson

Birth Doula

I believe childbirth is a miraculous experience and children are a blessing. It is a joy for me to walk alongside families, providing education, confidence, and support throughout this stage of life.

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My interest in childbirth was ignited when I was 8 years old and got to see my younger brother enter the world. I was fascinated and loved the experience and wanted to be “a doctor who delivers babies” when I grew up. However, I took a different road in college and became an engineer. I worked for 10 years in the aerospace industry working on rocket engines before starting my own family. Going through pregnancies and loss and welcoming two of my own daughters into this world has reignited my childhood dream of being a part of the childbirth experience for others.

Being a Doula is truly an honor and a blessing. I am a follower of Jesus and I believe that God designed our bodies for childbirth. He knits our babies together inside the womb and has equipped us with intuition and instincts that we can trust during childbirth. I also believe He has equipped us with a thirst for knowledge and helping one another, which is why doulas, doctors, nurses, and midwives exist. I completed my DONA International training in June 2021 and am currently working to complete my certification by attending the required number of births. Whether you want a natural, un-medicated birth, epidural, home birth, birth center, hospital, or C-section I will support your choices and help you have the best experience possible. I am passionate about education and advocating for the birthing family’s preferences.

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