Jessica Wilson

Birth Doula

I believe childbirth is a miraculous experience and children are a blessing. It is a joy for me to walk alongside families, providing education, confidence, and support throughout this stage of life.

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I am a DONA International trained Doula, completing my training in 2021. I am also a trained Birth Assistant and am CPR and NRP certified.

My interest in childbirth was ignited when I was 8 years old and witnessed my younger brother enter the world and take his first breaths. I was fascinated and loved the experience and wanted to be “a doctor who delivers babies” when I grew up. Though that is not the road I took, I think being a Doula is more fulfilling! Going through pregnancies, loss, and welcoming two of my own daughters into this world have been some of the most challenging yet empowering experiences. I am so thankful to have had such great support along the way. Being a Doula is truly an honor and a blessing, and it is a joy to walk with others and support them on their own birth journeys.

As a follower of Jesus I believe that God designed our bodies for childbirth. He knits our babies together inside the womb and has equipped us with intuition and instincts that we can trust during childbirth. I also believe He has equipped us with a thirst for knowledge and helping one another, which is another reason why I am a Doula. I am passionate about education and advocating for my client’s preferences. I believe my calm and encouraging presence is an asset in any birth experience and I am happy to support births at home, birth centers and hospitals.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two amazing daughters. I enjoy traveling, volunteering at my church, leading and participating in various Bible studies, mentoring, and going on overseas mission trips. 

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