Ryah Jo

Birth & Postpartum Doula

I have been in the business of health and humans since I can remember, and have spent the last five years working with families and their primary care people as a Doula and Midwife Assistant.

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Ryah Jo Silvernagel is a midwife assistant and birth doula, who has been providing her services since 2012. Ryah received her Doulas of North America (DONA) birth doula training at Bastyr University's Center for Allied Birth (2011) and obtained Completion of the Childbirth Educator Training (CET) from Bastyr University (2017).

As a retired Air Force medic, Ryah continues to use her training teaching basic life support (BLS for providers) CPR and first aid on a quarterly basis. Ryah’s passion for labor and birth work comes from her own experience in birthing. “Even after our childbirth education classes, my husband and I felt unprepared, uneducated and slightly fearful of the labor and the birthing process. I believe if I would have had someone in the room advocating, educating me on the interventions while holding a sacred space for us, my experience would have been more positive.” Ryah is a big proponent of full informed consent and brings her childbirth education into her prenatal visits.

“The more knowledge a person has about labor and birth, the less fearful they are and the better they cope with the discomforts of labor.”

Ryah offers a sliding scale and volunteers with Open Arms, a grassroots organization who provides persons with no cost doulas, and believes strongly every person should have a doula or support person during their labor and birth. “Finances should never be a barrier to these services. One of my goals is to help new families transition into parenthood on their best foot forward. Providing support before, during and after birth aids tremendously in this.” Ryah attends hospital, center and home births.

“I have developed a reputable rapport with OBGYN's, nurses and midwives from several birthing facilities over the years and have a professional working relationship with them.”

When Ryah is not attending a birth, you can find her writing blogs and poetry, making up and telling fantasy stories to her children and hosting small gatherings in her home. “I am a social butterfly and love my human cohort. So I try and mingle with them often.” Expecting Joy is excited to have such an experienced person on board who has a true passion for her client’s labor and birth experience and commitment to holding it sacred.

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