Cheryl Capron

Lactation Consultant

As an IBCLC with 30+ years of experience, Cheryl has a heart for coming alongside new families and supporting them in meeting their breastfeeding goals.


Cheryl is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), whose practice over 30+ years has spanned the prenatal and birthing settings, with a specialized focus on lactation. As she wraps up her career in hospital lactation, we are thrilled to have Cheryl as part of our team to share her experience and wisdom with families. Cheryl now offers clients private breast feeding classes, lactation help with latching, pumping, sore nipples, and low breast milk supply in the home.

During her time spent in your home, she will assess direct breastfeeding, weigh your baby before and after the feeding to assess breast milk transfer, help with positions for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and the back to work management of pumping and storing of breastmilk. She also loves to discuss newborn and infant growth patterns and changes, so parents can anticipate their child’s needs as they grow.

Cheryl supports new families in meeting their breastfeeding goals and practices with the understanding that lactation relationships take time. Within a new feeding relationship, it can take even 4-6 weeks for mother and baby to get to know each other and organize feeding, and challenges with nursing can be involved. While Cheryl will likely not perfect your feeding before leaving your home, she aims to make everything feel much better during your time together, and will work with parents to make improvements in the areas of feeding that feel challenging. With Cheryl’s years of expertise, you’ll feel equipped with tools and resources for your breastfeeding journey.

What Her Clients say