Expecting Joy is for Everyone

Whether it’s your first baby or fifth, families are choosing Expecting Joy to make their birth experience personal, comfortable, joyful.  Meet a few of our families, hear their stories, and imagine what your experience can be like.

 What Our Families Are Saying

 “Vanessa went above and beyond for my delivery. She brought so much comfort and help during my labor. My husband already said he would fly Vanessa to be with us from anywhere in the world for our next child. She made the entire experience wonderful. I absolutely loved having her there!”

“[Vanessa] was a godsend. For a first time mom, you have no idea what to expect on your delivery date, and she was able to take the guesswork, the anxiety, and the stress out of the environment and was able to show me how to focus on the task at hand and work through my contractions. I don’t think I will have another baby without her there, she was such a working part of my husband and I’s experience, and I am so thankful that she was that much-needed voice of understanding and encouragement when the going got tough.”



“Her extra communication with my husband and family made everyone feel a part of the experience. It lowered the anxiety level for all of us.”


“She does an excellent job of keeping husbands very involved… and encourages them to be as involved as he is comfortable with in the delivery room.”


“She was there to hold me physically, encourage and help me mentally, and pray for me.”


“…from her foot massages to her encouraging and engaging smile as she coached me through the process I wouldn’t change a thing. When it came to having to make a decision that was quite different from our original birth plan her emotional and spiritual support were such a reassuring part of the process.”


“Vanessa was helpful in being such a calm, comforting, and spiritual rock in the midst of craziness and so much transition for my husband and I and baby.”

“Thank you so much for the service you offer! This recovery and baby-bonding time has been such a beautiful experience for me… Better than my last two pregnancies by far although I was deeply in love with them too, but I feel so great and energetic and in love!!”

-Elizabeth in Tacoma

I loved the peppermint oil and the bath tub. Also, her guiding me through breathing patterns really helped get through those first 11 hours of labor!”

“Vanessa was extremely calm and knowledgeable, but I appreciated her encouragement the most. She makes you believe that you are capable of anything!”

She brought so much peace to the room!”

“I wanted to get an epidural, but it only worked on half of my body. This was completely unexpected and Vanessa helped me work through the pain that I wasn’t planning on.”

“The post-natal visits were extremely helpful. Little things like helping bath the baby, showing us how to put a diaper on with the umbilical cord still on, and information like the importance of rest when the baby is resting. Little things like this that we had no clue about were very helpful during the post-natal visits.”

“She was very helpful in checking in on us and helping give guidance with feedings.”


“I received way more support than I ever would have expected or even hoped for. I felt like Vanessa was really a part of our family.”


Just being able to call Vanessa when we were about to break emotionally from not knowing what to do after our baby was born was absolutely priceless!”


“Vanessa stayed after the baby was born to make sure that I was comfortable. Her encouragement and knowledge after I delivered the baby gave me peace of mind.”


You need an advocate even if you think you are a strong enough person to handle it yourself. When you are in the midst of one of the most stressful experiences that you will ever have you have no idea how much anxiety will be reduced by having an experienced doula (especially, one with a medical background).”

“She will be everything you want and more. Honestly, I don’t think there is a better doula out there. She is gifted at this and is a total natural.”

“The amount of support Vanessa gives you before, during and after the labor is amazing. Her attention makes you feel so special!”


“Vanessa is a professional through-and-through. Her medical background gives her more credence with the medical professionals that you are dealing with. Her personal character gives you emotional and spiritual reassurance during a wonderful, but stressful experience. The foot massages, care kits, and conversations are all bonus features that are above and beyond what you pay for. If you haven’t figured it out… I think Vanessa was a God send for me and my family. When I look at my boys, I am grateful to her everyday.”


“Vanessa is a priceless, full of wisdom and discernment refuge that brought so much comfort and stability to the hearts of our family as we went through the birth process of our baby boy! She was always a joy to be with the whole time she was with us at the hospital and afterwards and I think she was so much more of a helpful resource of wisdom for baby than the nurses I had! So thankful for her!”


“[Vanessa] advocates for moms and her medical experience gives her expertise beyond most doulas.”


“I felt all my questions were thoroughly answered!”

“Keep on doula-ing! You are gifted.”

“Vanessa is an incredible doula! She is calm, knowledgeable (the nurses wanted to hire her), and encouraging. I plan on having her be a part of the birth of my next child. I feel as if she is part of the family.”

“Landi is a fantastic doula! I was able to have the 100% natural home birth of my dreams…and I am convinced I couldn’t have done it without Landi. She spent nearly 24 hours with me supporting me throughout labor and delivery. She also guided me through exercises that helped my labor efficiently progress, while using a variety of natural techniques that alleviated my discomfort.

Landi could read me…she cared for me all along exactly how I needed even when I couldn’t express what I needed. Yet, she always let me feel in control, which was very important to me. She also teamed up with my husband very well, never getting on the way of his support but instead adding to it. Having Landi allowed my husband to take much needed breaks, without me ever feeling alone. We will forever be grateful to Landi for her gentle care and knowledgeable support.”

“Landi provides a strong technical background, but also a calm, pragmatic, fun and friendly approach that my husband and I both still feel completely blessed that we found her for the birth of our first child.

We found Landi relatively close to our planned due date. I had been debating on getting a doula, but felt nervous about finding someone that I would truly feel comfortable with and actually want in the room for such an amazing life milestone. I also felt concerned about ensuring my husband felt at ease and not pushed out (or off the hook) in supporting me through the process. She quickly put both of us at ease and we knew we’d found the right doula. She helped us navigate building our birth plan and followed up with additional research to share if we weren’t quite sure how to proceed.

She followed when I had appoinments and came immediately when I had a decleration and would potentially need a C-section. She was such a comfort to have there, not only in her technical background, but her ability to bring calm and ease to the stressful time. She helped ground me to ask questions and make decisions I needed to make.

When I ended up going in for an induction weeks later, she gave me a surprise visit right at the start of my hospital check in. It’s like she is there even when neither of you know you will need her. It ended up being such a blessing, as our baby decided to give everyone a decel scare again and an emergency c-section was needed. She helped me and my husband again remain as calm as we could through a scary situation. She was in the room for the c-section room and besides being a continued comfort to both of us, she took some amazing photos! For reference, I was ‘advanced maternal age’ and leaned strongly towards wanting a natural childbirth. Feel free to request my contact info if you would like more reference information.

-Pam & Sean

“Landi was such a great support! Her assistance and encouragement during my labor were excellent. She was caring, calm and communicated well with myself, my husband and the hospital staff.

She was responsive and knowledgeable, answering my questions and staying in good touch throughout the time before my baby was born.  She always went out of her way to make things stress-free and convenient for me (like meeting up with me for a get-to-know-you coffee in my neighborhood) which was a huge relief since i have a toddler.

Landi provided reassurance, relief, information and encouragement when I needed it most. I am so grateful and would like to highly recommend her!”