What is a Postpartum Doula?

Expecting Joy’s postpartum doulas are trained women who provide personalized knowledge, physical, and emotional support during the first season of parenthood.  We provide comfort in your home assisting you, so you can bond with your new little one.  In particular, we support moms during their time of recovery by assisting in newborn care, teaching soothing techniques, and support with breastfeeding or bottle feeding.  We can also provide assistance with light household duties to alleviate daily stress.  We want to make sure that you and your family are able to ease into this new season of parenting with confidence.

What to Expect from our Postpartum Doulas

Physical and Emotional Recovery

Now that you are home, it is time to care of your new baby around the clock. People often forget about taking care of the amazing woman who gave birth to the baby. New mommies can start to feel lonely and forgotten. Let us nurture you and your little one so that you can rest, bond and enjoy your first moments together as mommy and baby.

Managing Two or More Kids

What will it be like having a newborn and another child waiting at home to meet their new little sibling?  We can help you coordinate a routine that works best for you and your family.

Household Duties

Dinner, laundry, nap, fresh air?  We are here to take the pressure off of running a home.  The transition to parenting can be challenging and can often feel like a juggling act.  We can help relieve these every day stresses and allow you to focus on spending time with your new baby and family.

Relieve Pressure on Family Members

Friends and family are typically focused on mom and baby.  What about the other parent? Other siblings? We often forget that it is a transition for everyone. We can help support your whole family!

We’re Here for YOU!

Our ultimate goal as your postpartum doula is to be by your side until you are ready.  We want you to experience success while growing as a new mom.  Most importantly, we want to help educate, support, and empower you to feel confident as new parents.



$1800 for singletons or $1950 for multiples (56 hours total)

  • Week One: 4 visits, 20 hours
  • Week Two: 4 visits, 16 hours
  • Week Three: 3 visits, 12 hrs
  • Week Four: 2 visits, 8 hrs


$1000 singletons or $1150 for multiples (32 hours total)
Two 4-hour visits a week for 4 weeks


$35/hour for singletons or $38/hour for multiples


$150 for 2-3hrs in-home visit where we assess the home and make suggestions/help prepare for first days home with baby.  We ensure you have what you need, help plan meals, and set up nursing stations, among other things.  Learn more.