Expecting Joy? Make sure Hand Expression is part of your toolbox!

Anyone who has had me as a postpartum doula knows that I am a fan of hand expression.  In fact, I take any opportunity to climb aboard my soapbox and declare that every potential lactator should be educated on the many wonders of hand expression.  They should be confident in their abilities to express milk when no other device is available, and they should know all of this BEFORE they begin lactating.  This last part can be a bit tricky because hand expression involved breast stimulation, which, is sometimes advised against for those at risk for preterm delivery.  My reasons for this are…read more >
Why Everyone Needs a Postpartum Doula

Why Everyone Needs a Postpartum Doula

What is a postpartum doula? Why would anyone need one? Since my recent transition from neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) RN to postpartum doula, I get asked these questions a lot. People are typically more familiar with the birth doula, and usually when anyone uses the term “doula,” they typically are referring to someone who supports births.  Postpartum doulas are the reinforcements that arrive after you're home with your new little one. The challenges of postpartum are many.  Weeks (ahem, years) without a decent night’s sleep.  As a new mom that breastfeeds, you are no longer an individual, but a food source--…read more >

August Giveaway with @BellyToBeloved

Our friends at Belly to Beloved are offering a generous giveaway in August to celebrate a busy summer season of births! You can learn more about their giveaway offer on Instagram, and checkout BtoB's useful, modern and eco-friendly products that moms love on their wonderful Etsy shop! 🍉🍍It's the middle of #Summer and we're heading into the busiest birth month of my year! To celebrate I'm giving away 1 item per birth this time it's one of our wall #mobiles! I'll select a winner each time one of my clients has had their baby!! I'll then list the next item…read more >

Stay-At-Home Dad Workout (with toddler & baby)

This stay-at-home Dad uses objects found around the home, like his baby, to keep fit and active.  Exercises include: Basic Lifts (with toddler) Bench Presses (with toddler) Basic Pushups (with toddler) Curls (with baby) Situps (with baby) Some classic lines from this clip: Get a body like this by using the thing you have to look after... kids. If the weight starts complaining, you put it down and you give yourself 2 minutes. Children weigh between 20-30 lbs., which is also the ideal weight for chest presses First you beckon the weight... the weight will need a onesie for this...…read more >