Are you ready for Baby? Meet our new Baby Prep Service!

  Is anyone ever really ready to add a newborn to their home and family?  And maintain their sanity at the same time?  Taking care of a newborn is a 24 hour, 7 day a week job, but there are a lot of things an expecting family can do before baby arrives to prepare for a smoother transition into postpartum life.  To help our clients better prepare for the plunge into parenting, Expecting Joy is pleased to introduce our new Baby Prep Service! Our Baby Prep Service is an in-home service where we help provide a game plan for your first days at home with baby. We ensure…read more >

International GBS Awareness Month

Did you know that July is International GBS Awareness Month? What is "GBS" you ask, and why should we be aware of it? Group B Strep (GBS) is a bacteria that can be found in the intestines, rectum, vagina and urinary tract of 1 in 4 pregnant women, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and GBS can cause illness and possibly death in an infected newborn. Do I have your attention now?  Good. Luckily there are ways to prevent GBS infection! Please take a moment to learn more about GBS, and ways to prevent GBS Infection in…read more >

Expecting Joy? Make sure Hand Expression is part of your toolbox!

Anyone who has had me as a postpartum doula knows that I am a fan of hand expression.  In fact, I take any opportunity to climb aboard my soapbox and declare that every potential lactator should be educated on the many wonders of hand expression.  They should be confident in their abilities to express milk when no other device is available, and they should know all of this BEFORE they begin lactating.  This last part can be a bit tricky because hand expression involved breast stimulation, which, is sometimes advised against for those at risk for preterm delivery.  My reasons for this are…read more >
Why Everyone Needs a Postpartum Doula

Why Everyone Needs a Postpartum Doula

What is a postpartum doula? Why would anyone need one? Since my recent transition from neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) RN to postpartum doula, I get asked these questions a lot. People are typically more familiar with the birth doula, and usually when anyone uses the term “doula,” they typically are referring to someone who supports births.  Postpartum doulas are the reinforcements that arrive after you're home with your new little one. The challenges of postpartum are many.  Weeks (ahem, years) without a decent night’s sleep.  As a new mom that breastfeeds, you are no longer an individual, but a food source--…read more >

Meet the Doula : Christian Fillingame, DONA

The Meet the Doula series showcases a different member of the Expecting Joy team, so you can learn why we love our doulas! This week, meet Christian Fillingame.  She's an incredibly creative doula who also runs an inspiring Etsy shop.  Below she answers our questions about why she became a doula and what feeds her soul!   EJ: Where are you from?  What brought you to Seattle? CF: I'm from sunny San Diego, California!  I heard about Seattle Pacific University from a friend during high school, and was drawn to the green trees, mountains, and cozy artistic feel of the city on a rainy…read more >