Are you ready for Baby? Meet our new Baby Prep Service!



Is anyone ever really ready to add a newborn to their home and family?  And maintain their sanity at the same time?  Taking care of a newborn is a 24 hour, 7 day a week job, but there are a lot of things an expecting family can do before baby arrives to prepare for a smoother transition into postpartum life.  To help our clients better prepare for the plunge into parenting, Expecting Joy is pleased to introduce our new Baby Prep Service!

Our Baby Prep Service is an in-home service where we help provide a game plan for your first days at home with baby. We ensure you have what you need, help plan meals, and set up nursing stations, among other things.  This service is led by Sydney Homeier, one of our outstanding Postpartum Doulas, who will come to your home around the beginning of your third trimester, and help you prepare for those early days with a newborn when sleep will be at a minimum and brain cells are hard to access!

This service can take many forms depending on the needs of your family.  Sydney will first work with you over the phone to assess your needs and make recommendations based on her years of experience working with new families.  Then she will come to your home and make it happen!

For some clients, that involves making sure your nursery is set up and that you have everything you need.  For others, the best thing we can do is prepare freezer meals.  Sydney will also provide education on safe sleep, early newborn care, prepare you for those first few days of feeding, and even give partners advice on how they can help too!

Learn more about our new Baby Prep Service and our other Postpartum Services HERE or contact Expecting Joy at for pricing and availability!


Sydney Homeier is a retired Neonatal Intensive Care RN, Lactation Educator and Postpartum Doula and is working towards her IBCLC.  She lives in South Seattle with her husband and two children. When she is not working with her clients, she can be found at the roller rink watching her husband play Roller Derby and hoping that one of these days she will master skating backwards.  Someday.  Maybe.