How to make “Crotchsicles” for Postpartum Recovery

“Crotchsicles” or post-recovery pads are ice packs made of witch hazel that are an essential method for healing the first few days after baby is born.

Crotchsicle Ingredients


Place 1/2 cup (full saturation) of witch hazel on maxi pad until it is fully saturated, and then freeze.  You can layer the soaked maxi pads on top of each other in a ziplock bag in the freezer for storage.  We suggest making 15-20 crotchsicles and use them each time you go the bathroom for the first 2-3 days postpartum.  Switch to Tucks after you are done with the crotchsicles.

Layer your crotchsicles in the following order (from you to your undies):

  1. Dibucaine or numbing cream
  2. Maxi crotchsicle
  3. Poise pad

Written by Vanessa Garey

I lead the Expecting Joy Company, a pregnancy and parenting services company in Seattle, and we’re passionate about serving, coaching, and celebrating (growing!) families. #WeHelpPeopleOut! More info @