Stay-At-Home Dad Workout (with toddler & baby)

This stay-at-home Dad uses objects found around the home, like his baby, to keep fit and active.  Exercises include:

  • Basic Lifts (with toddler)
  • Bench Presses (with toddler)
  • Basic Pushups (with toddler)
  • Curls (with baby)
  • Situps (with baby)

Some classic lines from this clip:

Get a body like this by using the thing you have to look after… kids.

If the weight starts complaining, you put it down and you give yourself 2 minutes.

Children weigh between 20-30 lbs., which is also the ideal weight for chest presses

First you beckon the weight…

the weight will need a onesie for this…

if you find it’s distracting to look at the weight because it’s giggling or something, you don’t have to look at it– you know the onesie’s not going to rip.

Written by Vanessa Garey

I lead the Expecting Joy Company, a pregnancy and parenting services company in Seattle, and we’re passionate about serving, coaching, and celebrating (growing!) families. #WeHelpPeopleOut! More info @